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The Jan Michalski Foundation’s residence for writers is designed to provide an environment for creative writing and to support those involved in the written word.

The Foundation features an original group of seven residential modules that are available for writers and translators invited for residencies of varying lengths of time. Hanging from the openwork “canopy” that runs above the Foundation, these units are called “cabins” and offer ideal conditions to anyone who is looking to start, continue working on, or put the finishing touches to a writing project.

Although open to all kinds of writing and all languages, the residency program does give priority to writers and translators. The residencies can vary in length and can be for either individuals or pairs of participants in the case of projects involving more than one discipline. Each year some forty authors from around the world, from the fledgling writer to the seasoned old hand, can count on a certain period of time they may dedicate to developing a writing project.

A percentage of the residences is dedicated to nature writing, a form of fiction or creative non-fiction that raises awareness of nature, prepares for a sustainable way of living, and helps to better understand socio-environmental interconnections and the impact of human actions on nature. 

Become a resident

General Terms and Conditions

Residences are available for all types of writers engaged in literary creation. While we give priority to writers and translators, we are also open to any other discipline as long as writing is at the heart of the project. Stays in the Jan Michalski Foundation are granted to individuals as well as pairs of writers working on a common project. The latter might include a writer and a translator, a writer and someone from another discipline, two writers, and so on.


The Jan Michalski Foundation lies at the foot of the Swiss Jura Mountains in Montricher. The village is approximately 30 minutes from Lausanne and one hour from Geneva. It is possible to reach Montricher from Morges by train.

Six “cabins” overlook Lake Geneva and the Alps while a seventh is oriented towards the forested slopes of the Jura. One final cabin serves as a kitchen and common living area where resident writers can cook together, socialize and relax.

Length of stay

Residencies can vary in length, lasting from two weeks to one, two, three, or six months. The length of stay should match the scope of the project. The period applied for is a request only, and the Jan Michalski Foundation reserves the right to offer another period depending on availability.

Eligibility criteria

There are no age or nationality restrictions.
Beginners are accepted.

Residence conditions

Residents are allocated one of the seven cabins for as long as they need to complete their writing project. The cabin allows them to live independently. For projects in pairs, a separate cabin will be assigned to each of the selected candidates.

There is one cabin available for people with reduced mobility. Please specify any reduced mobility needs in the Comments box in the Your Stay section of the application form.

Residents’ travel costs to and from their home address will be covered by the Foundation.

Residents are granted a monthly allowance of CHF 1200.

The Foundation provides breakfast and lunch for residents and the village has a small grocery shop.

Electric bikes are available for residents.

The Montricher train station, with regular connections to Morges, is situated two kilometers from the Foundation.

Residents have free access to the library during the day.

Residents are free to participate in cultural activities organized by the Foundation.

Selection criteria and process

Applications will be assessed based on three criteria, the quality of the project, the candidate’s professional background, and whether or not the length of the stay matches the scope of the project. Beginners’ applications are assessed based on the quality of the project and the motivation they are able to convey in their application.

A panel of experts chaired by Mrs. Vera Michalski-Hoffmann will make a decision on all applications.

Selected candidates will be contacted individually and a period of residence will be suggested. Only selected candidates will be notified.

Reasons for non-selection will not be provided by the panel.


  • The application forms for 2023 will be available online starting 17 May 2022 and are due to 14 September 2022.

  • Selection panel: November 2022

  • Announcement of selected candidates: Mid-November 2022

  • Arrival of the first wave of selected residents: February 2023

How to apply

Applications are to be registered and submitted online. Please make sure you follow each step and send all of the requested documents.
Incomplete applications will not be considered.
Applications can be submitted in English or French.


For the 2023 residences, the application forms are now closed.

Thursdays in Residence

The first Thursday of each month, from 6.30 to 7.30 pm, a writer in residence hosts an informal conversation on his or her work, world, and motives. One hour of the author freely talking shop and taking questions followed by an informal drink.