Kids are welcome at the Jan Michalski Foundation. There are a number of different activities designed just for them and available when they visit.

The kids' cabin in the library

On the ground floor of the library, kids also have their own little corner filled with children’s tales and stories by a number of great writers (Anton Chekhov, Gertrude Stein, and Jacques Prévert, for example). There is also a collection of artists’ books that were specially designed for them as well by renowned artists (like Warja Lavater, Bruno Munari, and Katsumi Komagata). For a well-rounded approach to books and reading that involves more than the eyes alone!
Catalogue of the kids’ cabin

Kids' workshops in conjunction with Foundation shows

With or without parents, kids can take a special tour of the current show, followed by a creative workshop and a snack as an end to their visit.


"The Foundation's little secrets" tour

Several Sundays throughout the year, at 2:30 pm, workshops for kids help them discover a few well-kept secrets of the Jan Michalski Foundation… Meanwhile, their parents can enjoy a History(ies) & Architecture tour or a moment viewing the current Foundation show or exploring our library.

Other types of audiences

A specific program is designed to meet the needs and interests of our different target audiences, according to their interactions with the Jan Michalski Foundation. Information about financial assistance can be found in the Associations & Institutions section.