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The Jan Michalski Foundation supports projects related to literature and literary translation beyond its four walls, in Switzerland and abroad, by a program that awards grants.

Grant requests are considered over a ten-month period by a commission presided by Vera Michalski-Hoffmann. Aid is attributed according to several criteria, viz., quality and originality of the project, its ability to promote literature, and evidence of financial need.

Criteria and the attribution process

The Jan Michalski Foundation offers support to quality projects involving literature in the broad sense of the term, regardless of the country of origin or the territory it covers.


Grant requests can be made by not-for-profit bodies, associations, or foundations, or, in rare cases, private individuals.

The Foundation supports a range of projects, including:

  • Literary events: literary festivals, readings, debates, lectures, performances, etc.

  • Literature-based writing and translation workshops

  • Writing for the theater (but only when the project is the work of a theatrical company)

  • Exhibitions dedicated to literature or writers

  • Publication of literary archives, reedition of rare works that are out of print

  • Manifestos in favor of literature

  • Literary prizes

  • Assistance for getting a work published (only one request per publisher per year for a title)

Projects involving an individual approach (thesis, grant, study abroad, education program, and so on), or profit-oriented projects are excluded.

Please note:

  • Direct assistance to writers takes place only through our residency program.

  • Dossiers that do not present a literary project will simply be returned to the sender.

  • Modification of the financial support framework for publications introduced on March 18, 2024: only one application for financial assistance per publisher per year for a title can be made to the Foundation.

Evaluation of the projects

Projects that are considered for financial assistance are evaluated on a month-by-month basis by a commission that is headed by Vera Michalski-Hoffmann, the president of the Foundation Board. When examining the dossiers, the commission reserves the right to request additional information and, if necessary, meet the person or persons in charge of the project.

Submitted dossiers must conform to the demands required by the Jan Michalski Foundation (see Submitting a project) and be written in either French or English.

They must include the documents that are indispensable to their evaluation. Failing that, an incomplete dossier will be returned without being registered and accompanied by a list of the missing documents. Receipt of a complete dossier will be confirmed by post. The dossier will then be registered in our databank and treated within ten months.

Evaluation is based on the following criteria for reaching a decision by the commission:

  • Quality and coherence of the literary project

  • Literary dimension of the project, its expected impact, its usefulness

  • Capacity to promote literature with the general public

  • Professionalism and abilities of the individual(s) behind the project to ensure that it is realized

  • Feasibility of the project in accordance with the financial plan

  • Proof of a need for financing

The decision to award or deny a grant rests with the president of the Commission, who is free to choose. It will be transmitted to the project’s organizers in writing. Appeals or requests for justifying a decision will not be considered.

During the time the dossier is under consideration, no information about its status will be transmitted to those making the request, whether by mail or by telephone.

Payment of financial aid

The financial assistance will be paid upon presentation of an invoice indicating the amount granted and detailing the electronic bank details for payment. Should the accepted project be abandoned, for whatever reason, the responsible parties must inform the Jan Michalski Foundation at their earliest convenience.

Supporting documents and communication

The beneficiaries agree to publish the Jan Michalski Foundation logo or explicitly mention the Foundation’s name in communications referring to the project, in written documents and multimedia communiqués.

Furthermore, they will keep the Jan Michalski Foundation informed as to the progress of the project and will provide the Foundation with a report as well as the copies of the published project as per request.

The Jan Michalski Foundations reserves the right to mention the project on its website.

Submitting a project

Requests for financial aid must be sent to the Jan Michalski Foundation and figure in a complete dossier, written in either French or English, and containing the following elements:

  • Our request form for financial aid, which must be downloaded

  • A cover letter

  • A detailed description of the cultural project

  • A list of the main persons involved in the project accompanied by a short CV for each of them

  • A description of any earlier projects that were realized

  • A provisional budget with a detailed note on each of the posts

  • A detailed financial plan summarizing the different financial contributions that are expected

  • If you represent an association or foundation, the statutes of your organization

The complete dossier should be sent to the following address:

Fondation Jan Michalski

pour l’écriture et la littérature

En Bois Désert 10

CH-1147 Montricher

Other types of audiences

A specific program is designed to meet the needs and interests of our different target audiences, according to their interactions with the Jan Michalski Foundation. Information about financial assistance can be found in the Associations & Institutions section.