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Crime Writing Masterclass with Boris Akounine

Sunday 7 October 2018, 17:00

Event completed


English, simultaneous interpretation into French


CHF 20.-, on registration

The Crime Writing Masterclass, created by the Jan Michalski Foundation together with Le Temps, proposes four sessions a year introducing the best international thriller and crime writers.

How do they investigate? How do they write? What are their sources?

In the course of an afternoon, masters of crime writing look behind their creative process and introduce a film that inspired them.


Boris Akunin is the pen name of Grigory Chkhartishvili, who was born in the republic of Georgia in 1956. After long years in Moscow, he lives now in London. A philologist, critic, essayist, and translator of Japanese, Akunin published his first detective stories in 1998 and has become one of the most widely read authors in Russia. He is the author of the Erast Fandorin novels, including The Winter Queen, The Turkish Gambit, Murder on the Leviathan, The Death of Achilles, and Special Assignments, and Sister Pelagia and the White Bulldog, Sister Pelagia and the Black Monk, and Sister Pelagia and the Red Cockerel, in the Sister Pelagia series. 


Lisbeth Koutchoumoff, journalist at Le Temps


  • 5pm  Interview with Boris Akunin

  • 6pm  Writing crime novels: top tips by Boris Akunin

  • 6.30pm  Screening of The Spy, an adaptation of Boris Akunin’s novel, directed by Aleksey Andrianov

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