Thursday in Residence with Emma Jones

"Becoming Landscapes" "Becoming Landscapes" is a project that blends place writing with art writing and memoir. It focuses on modern and contemporary British artists and how they visualise their relationship to particular locales, and how these relationships extend to consider wider ideas about how we interact with certain places, and notions of belonging. The aim of this work is to explore how we relate to the landscapes we inhabit, and how landscapes help us not only make sense of the world around us but how we understand ourselves too. In this sense “becoming landscapes” is used quite literally to inform our thinking about the ways in which we physically engage with, and become part of, the land. After a brief discussion of influences and inspirations, there will be a short reading from an essay entitled "Leaky Boundaries". Following that will be a presentation on the essay that she is developing during her residency at the Jan Michalski Foundation, which is about the representation of standing stones and natural stone formations in British art.

Fondation Jan Michakski, Thursday 4 July 2024