Bibliotopia 2024 | Interview with Stefania Russell, Pierric Bailly and Aurélie Lacroix

"What is Love?"
Moderated by Oriane Jeancourt Galignani

Stefania Rousselle is a Franco-American freelance filmmaker and journalist who spent eight years at the New York Times. Her work, covering numerous subjects including terrorism, the European debt crisis, the rise of extremism, human trafficking and immigration, has earned her a Pulitzer Prize nomination and a Webby Award. A collection of conversations and poignant photographs, "Amour: How the French Talk About Love" (Penguin, 2020) is an act of resistance against the loss of faith in humanity in the face of tragedy. Alternating laughter and tears, this is a heartfelt story.

Pierric Bailly is a French writer from the Jura. After studying cinema in Montpellier and working in various jobs, he published his first novel, "Le polichinelle", with P.O.L in 2008. This was followed by "L’homme des bois" (2017), "Les enfants des autres" (2020) and "Le roman de Jim" (2021), soon to be adapted for screen. "La foudre" (2023) explores the stormy passions of a modern shepherd, in love with the wife of his charismatic and much admired school friend who has been imprisoned for murder. A love triangle re imagined in a subtle game of twists and secrets.

Aurélie Lacroix, born in Correze and based in Bordeaux, worked for many years in publishing in Paris, mainly at Editions de l’Olivier, then in the performing arts. She now works with Villa Valmont, an international writers’ retreat and centre dedicated to the creation and dissemination of contemporary writing. Her first novel, "L’unique objet de mon regard" (Cambourakis, 2023), tells the story of a passion between two young women that is as absolute as it is devastating, as powerful as it is damaging. She weaves distress into a beautiful piece of literature.

Fondation Jan Michalski, Friday 22 March 2024