BIBLIOTOPIA 2021 | Interview with Nastassja Martin (EN translation)

Another Way of Living: Learning From Shamans and Bears

Nastassja Martin is a French author and anthropologist, born in 1986 in Grenoble, who after writing her doctoral thesis under Philippe Descola at EHESS, has been studying the Gwich-in people of Alaska and the Even people of the Kamchatka Peninsula. Along with « In the Eye of the Wild », to be published in English in the autumn of 2021 by the New York Review of Books, she has written « Les âmes sauvages: face à l’Occident, la résistance d’un peuple d’Alaska » (La Découverte, 2016), for which she received the Prix Louis Castex of the Académie française. She also co-produced documentaries with Mike Magidson including « Tvaïan »(Point du Jours/Arte). « In the Eye of the Wild » tells the story of her nearly fatal run-in with a bear while conducting research in Russia and of the aftermath of the event, of the wounds she took away from it, but also of a rebirth in spirit and mind and a new approach to living with animals and nature.

La Fondation Jan Michalski, le 6 juin 2021